1949 Catalog

Although undated, this catalog had originally identified as 1949 but than later dated as 1948. My latest estimate is that it is from 1949. This catalog features the new Ambassador model, which has been found to have been advertised in a trade publication as early as January 1948. This catalog also is the first to include the new Studio model, however, reviewing entries in the Olds Register, the first Ambassador is recorded as #24586 and the first Studio is recorded as #34611. Certainly there may be an earlier Studio that has yet to be recorded, but the approximate gap between the first Ambassador and first Studio is 10,000 instruments, which was approximately 12 months of production. Based on this and the Ambassador ad in January 1948, it seems reasonable to assume early 1949 for this catalog. (Provided by Centex Brass)

The next few pages (2-11) of this catalog have a two page layout for each model showing the trombone, trumpet and cornet as a trio of instruments. The two page layout is shown on the next five scans for the Ambassador, Special, Studio, Super and Recording models, followed by larger scans of each of these pages.

The next 10 scans are enlarged versions of pages 2-11:

Pages 12 through 20 show other brasses and woodwinds that have been added to the Olds lineup. A full scan of this catalog showing these pages can be seen at Robb Stewart’s website.

Page 21 shows cases:

Page 24 shows mouthpieces: