Catalogs, Brochures and Price Lists

In addition to the Catalogs that are provided here on Olds Central, there are other Olds Catalogs and catalog information at other sites as well. The following are links to those catalogs:

Robb Stewart has several early Olds Trombone catalogs on his website (prior to introduction of the Olds trumpet in 1929):

Early Olds Catalogs

Robb has also written a great summary of the Olds Catalogs and instrument models from the 1930’s and 1940’s. These catalogs are posted here on Olds Central; however, Robb’s analysis is excellent and can be seen on his website:

Olds Catalogs from the 1930’s and 1940’s

John Lowe has several Olds Catalogs on his on his excellent website It’s A Bear, which although focused on Olds trombones also has catalogs that have trumpets and cornets.

Olds Catalogs and Documents on It’s A Bear.

Catalogs, brochures and price lists related to trumpets and cornets:

Early Olds Trumpet Brochure circa 1932

1933 CMI Catalog

1935 Catalog 

1937 Catalog

1939 Catalog

1941 Catalog

1947 Catalog

1949 Catalog Revised estimated publication date

1951 Olds Catalog

1952 Olds Catalog – NEW Introduces the Mendez trumpet!

1957 Olds Brochure

1957 catalog (complete) 

1960 Olds Price List

1961 Catalog NEW

1962 Olds Catalog (Partial)

1962 Full Olds Catalog  link to It’s a Bear

1963 Price List – NEW

1966 Olds Catalog

1967 Olds Price List

1967 Catalog – NEW

1969 Ambassador brochure – NEW

1970 Olds Trumpet Brochure

1973 Olds Catalog  link to It’s A Bear

1973 Olds Price List

1973 Reynolds Price List

1974 Olds Price List – NEW

1977 Olds Catalog

1978 Price List