This new website was launched in 2023 containing legacy information from the original Old Central website with a few changes in organization and a few updates. Alan Rouse has given permission for his information to be shared in this new format as he is retiring as the administrator of Olds Central. Centex Brass is the new sponsor of this site, but we plan to continue to keep it free of flagrant commercial interruption, so there will be no pop-up ads or other attempts to engage in commerce while you visit this site.

Alan, THANK YOU for all that you have done to advance the knowledge and understanding of F.E. Olds and Son!

Olds Central was created by Alan Rouse in 1999 back in the early days of the internet. It was also in the early days of eBay and this led to a new source of acquiring vintage instruments such as those made by F.E. Olds and Son. At it’s inception, Olds Central was developed about 20 years after Olds last produced instruments so there were still employees and others available to share their personal stories.

In the 25 years since Olds Central first appeared, additional sources of information have been developed and technology has advanced. In a recent conversation with Alan Rouse regarding updating some new information about serial number/date ranges, he suggested it was time for someone else to take over management of Olds Central and I agreed to accept that responsibility. Alan’s passion for new discoveries and sharing that with others has contributed to a “rebirth” in the interest in F.E. Olds and Son over the past two decades and also paved the way for others to create “Loyalist” pages for other trumpet and brass manufactures, many of which are no longer in production either.

Olds Central is now sponsored by Centex Brass, featuring late model and vintage trumpets, cornets, and flugelhorns including a good selection of F.E. Olds and Son trumpets and cornets.

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated with the current F. E. Olds located in Westfield, NJ, USA and only provides historical information about the F.E. Olds and Son Company located in Los Angeles and Fullerton California from 1908 to 1979.