Assorted discoveries, facts, & theories relating to trumpets made by F. E. Olds & Son from 1929 to 1979

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Alan, THANK YOU for all that you have done to advance the knowledge and understanding of F.E. Olds and Son!

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Histories about F.E. Olds & Son
Interviews/articles by & about Olds employees
Newspaper articles
1920’s and 1930’s
1929 Olds Brochure
1933 CMI Catalog Revised date
1935 Catalog NEW on Olds Central
1937 Catalog Revised date
1939 Catalog
Guarantee Certificates – several examples from different years

Photos – interesting/unusual Olds instruments & photos of interest
1941 Catalog
1947 Olds Catalog
1948 Catalog Revised date
Information about different models of Olds trumpets and cornets
NEW Chart of Olds trumpet & cornet models by year
1951 Olds Catalog NEW
1957 Olds Brochure
1957 Complete catalog
Technical data
Mouthpiece specs
Leadpipe specs
Custom model trumpet codes
Large Shank cornet mouthpieces
Table of Trumpet Weights

NEW Parts diagrams of Olds models from the late 1960’s
1960 Olds Price List
1961 Olds Catalog NEW
1962 Olds Catalog (partial)
1962 Full Olds Catalog @ It’s a Bear
1963 Olds Price List NEW
1966 Olds Catalog
1967 Olds Catalog NEW
1967 Olds Price List
1969 Ambassador brochure NEW
UPDATED Serial Numbers
Serial number date ranges
UPDATED Olds Register database
UPDATED Olds Register form
Other information from the legacy Olds Central website
Links to information about Olds on other websites
1970 Olds Trumpet Brochure
1973 Olds Catalog Link to It’s A Bear
1973 Olds Price List
1973 Reynolds Price List
1974 Olds Price List NEW
1977 Olds Catalog
1978 Olds Price List