Information about the different models of F.E. Olds and Son trumpets and cornets:

Olds Model guide – by Ron Berndt of

Super Evolution – a pictorial history of the Olds Super model trumpet

Custom High Range trumpet – a review by Alan Rouse

Olds Opera Cornet – reviewed by John Hudspeth

Super, Recording and Super Recording Comparison – Trumpet Herald post by Perry D’Andrea

Olds Recording trumpet and cornet bell engraving photo gallery – Centex Brass

Articles by Robb Stewart:

Olds Radio and Military Cornets

Two Early Olds Trumpets 331 and 396

Early Olds Cornet

Olds Symphony trumpet

Olds Military trumpet

Olds French model trumpet

Early Olds Super model trumpets

Olds Super Recording model trumpets

Olds Mendez model trumpet

Olds trumpet mouthpieces

Uan Rasey’s Olds Recording Model and Calicchio Trumpets