Several links to specific pages at other websites are provided throughout this website, but here are links to the home page of websites with information about F.E. Olds and Son:

Brass History – Detailed histories of all major brass manufacturers as well as many minor and obscure makers.

Contempora Corner (History of F. A. Reynolds which intertwines with Olds)

Horn-u-copia -A great source of information about serial numbers, models and many other details about vintage brass instruments.

It’s A Bear – Focused on Olds trombones but a lot of general Olds information as well.

Robb Stewart Brass Instruments – Dozens of informative articles about Olds and hundreds of other interesting photos and documents about other vintage brass instruments.

Trumpet History – A site with a wealth of information about brass manufacturers, models, and detailed histories. Also some great links and videos.

Discussion forums:

Trumpet Herald – online discussion forum with participation of many Olds players and collectors. Also has a search feature to research past discussions. There have been hundreds of discussion posts about Olds trumpets and cornets over the years.


There are two Olds Facebook groups that are currently active. If you are a Facebook user, you can click on these links to request membership

Olds Loyalists

Olds Trumpets – Vintage