1952 Catalog

We recently located this catalog that is very similar to the 1951 catalog, but this one includes a new page at the end of the trumpets and cornets for the Mendez trumpet! The pricing for all instruments is identical to the 1951 catalog, but the Mendez model is now listed for $319.50, higher than the Recording model which is still listed for $289.50.

The front cover is identical to the 1951 catalog

The outside cover and the majority of this catalog is identical to the 1951 Catalog, so we will only post the few pages that are different.

Inside Cover now features Rafael Mendez and his sons holding what appear to be Super Recording trumpets. The photo of Mendez with the trumpet pointed up appears to be a Super model, because there is not a brace on the tuning slide, but it has a trombone-style waterkey on the third slide, so it is not the new Mendez model.

Page 12 includes the new Mendez trumpet and indicates that a Mendez cornet will be coming soon. The Mendez mouthpieces which were listed in the 1951 catalog have been moved to this page instead of with the other mouthpieces. A No. 0 Cornet mouthpiece has been added.

A new page (17) has been added for the Double French Horn and Sousaphone, which were not in the 1951 Catalog

Page 27 includes the same information about Mendez Albums and Solos as well as Olds mouthpieces, but the Mendez mouthpieces have been removed (and placed on the new page 12 with the Mendez trumpet)

The back inside cover has been revised from the 1951 back inside cover. Mendez has been removed from the center of the back inside cover (as he is now featured on the front inside cover) and some of the artists have been rearranged.