1951 Catalog

This is another undated catalog, but contains much of the same information as the 1948 catalog, with small price increases and a few additions/changes from 1948. The Ambassador line is again featured on the cover, although French horns are pictured, which were recent additions. A pdf of this catalog as well as a detailed analysis of many pages can be found on John Lowe’s excellent website focusing on Olds Trombones. John indicates that this catalog is likely 1950-51 because it shows the Recording model with the Rey-O-loy bell and spring loaded trigger, but there is no mention of the Mendez model, which was introduced in 1952. We have labeled this catalog as 1951 (Provided by Centex Brass)

Similar to the 1948 catalog, the next few pages (2-11) of this catalog have a two page layout for each model showing the trombone, trumpet and cornet as a trio of instruments. The two page layout is shown on the next five scans for the Ambassador, Special, Studio, Super and Recording models, followed by larger scans of each of these pages.

The next 10 scans are enlarged versions of pages 2-11:

The Recording models all feature Rey-O-loy bells, different from the 1948 catalog, yet there is nothing that lists this as a new or different from the 1948 version, so perhaps there is a catalog or marketing brochure between the 1948 and 1951 catalogs which introduced the changes.

Pages 12 through 25 show other brasses and woodwinds. A pdf scan of all pages of this catalog be found on John Lowe’s excellent website focusing on Olds Trombones.

Page 26 and 27 show cases and mouthpieces, including Mendez mouthpieces, but no mention of a Mendez trumpet. Mendez mouthpieces were also in the 1948 catalog:

Although the front inside and back inside covers are the same as the 1948 catalog, this catalog includes a copy of the Olds Guarantee which was not in the previous catalog.