The number of surviving Olds employees continues to dwindle. Recently departing this world was Howard Wilson, who built instruments at the plant since the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. Howard’s job was known as a “mounter,” soldering instruments together, as well as other factory roles in later years. He was Assistant General Manager at the time the plant was closed. He is remembered as one who excelled at every position and brought a calm, professional approach to performance of his duties, and a dedication to quality.

It is thought that Howard is the one who worked with Clark Terry on the Clark Terry model trumpet and flugelhorn, in the latter years when Kanstul and Olson were no longer with Olds. (As one of the few people possessing both a CT trumpet and a CT flugelhorn, I salute him for a job well done on both!)

The above is a summary of information provided by Dale Olson, pictured above with Zig Kanstul. Dale and Zig represent the last surviving management personnel from the company. Several other factory workers continue to live in the Southern California area. Thanks to Dale for passing this information along.

Dale Olson and Zig Kanstul, March 20, 2012