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This page includes information from the legacy Olds Central website that either did not fit into a category or contains information that is somewhat obsolete, but nevertheless is preserved here.

There were several price surveys done between 2000 and 2006. This financial data is somewhat old and the formatting varies and is somewhat challenging to read on small screens, but we have attempted to post it here, but the option to down load the survey is also provided at the end of each survey

eBay price survey July-August 2000

Below is a summary of eBay closing prices for Olds cornets and trumpets during five weeks in July/August 2000. Some rounding has been done and some horns have been excluded due to damage etc. For the most part, the only horns considered below are those for which pictures remain online after the auction closed. In a few cases where exceptionally good descriptions are available the horn was included despite no picture being available.

Observations: There is quite a bit of variability in the prices which cannot be fully explained by the condition. Some nice horns go unnoticed while other horns stir up bidding wars. Certainly the Ambassador prices are often great bargains, considering how well these horns play.

eBay price survey July-August 2000 download:

eBay price survey January-March 2002

The following information was obtained from eBay between January 28 and March 31, 2002. It represents the selling prices, excluding shipping, handling and insurance for genuine Olds trumpets and cornets. The horns included in the data were all deemed to be and in good or better condition and not requiring any obvious major repairs. In general, the prices are representative of the perceived condition of the horn, although there are times when prices seems either excessively low or excessively high, with no apparent justification. Pre-1950 horns and horns in truly excellent condition do command higher prices. Of course, what cannot truly be determined from the photos and descriptions is the condition of the valves.

Horns for which the reserve price was not met were excluded. Olds trumpets and cornets which were made after the sale of the Olds factory and name were specifically excluded. Horns for which photos were not provided were excluded, as were horns for which the photo provided was not of the actual horn for sale. Also omitted were horns that had been substantially modified from their original design.

Among my observations during this period was that the same names keep showing as up as buyers and seller of Olds horns. An important observation is that auctions which end on holiday weekends tend to have lower selling prices than auctions which do not end on holiday weekends.

eBay price survey January-March 2002 download:

Olds Trumpets and Cornets on eBay Dec 2002 – Jan 2003

Here is a survey of eBay closing prices for Olds trumpets, conducted by Ingrid Halonen during December 2002 and January 2003. NOTE: I plan to present a table showing all the available price surveys side-by-side in the near future!

The following is Ingrid’s description of the survey:

This is my very unscientific survey of closing prices of Olds trumpets on eBay. I’m doing this survey for fun and will not guarantee that I include every trumpet that closes because some could slip by me. Also, I am not including Ambassadors because there are just so many for sale that it would ruin my fun to keep track of all of them. I’m not keeping track of cornets because they do not interest me at this time.

The trumpets that are in my survey must all have had the words “trumpet” and “olds” in the auction title.

When the auction title does not specify the model of the horn and I can be positive of the model from photos and/or item description, I will include those horns in my survey. If I can not be sure of the model, it will not be included.

Only trumpets that actually sell will be included.

I will rate the trumpets that sell on a 1 to 4 scale based on my interpretation of the item descriptions and photos.
1 Not playable
2 Poor appearance
3 Good appearance
4 Like new

All trumpets are Bb. No Eb trumpets sold during my survey.

NOTE, this table does not show well in the new website because of all the data, so it is accessible by download.

Olds Trumpets and Cornets on eBay Dec 2002 – Jan 2003

Olds Trumpets and Cornets on eBay 2004

Olds Trumpets and Cornets on eBay 2006