Harold “Pappy” Mitchell Tests Horns for Olds

Harold “Pappy” Mitchell, lead trumpet at MGM Studios, tested trumpets for Olds. One trumpet Pappy tested extensively at MGM for Olds was the Recording model, but the horn pictured does not appear to be a Recording.

Also pictured is Mr. Stump, superintendent of the Olds factory, The cornet pictured (standing on its bell, the horn on the left) appears to be the Olds Standard model based on its “wrap”. Presumably the other two horns are the Standard and Super trumpets.

Note the unusual (for that era) rounded tuning slide on the trumpet Pappy is playing! I have not seen an Olds horn with that feature. Note also that the picture of Pappy seems to have been superimposed on a separate picture of Mr. Stump, so perhaps an artist edited the picture, which might explain the rounded tuning slide. Or perhaps it was an experimental model that did not make it into production.

Picture provided by Pappy’s son Ollie Mitchell. Ollie informs me that Pappy dated the ad as 1939.